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Thanks for this review! &hearts :) Am definitely going to see it soon, I think.

Fabulous review. :D I've been looking forward to seeing it, and this makes me feel even better.

(side note, deadbrowalking would probably be really interested in a review like this one that addresses the relevant issues - mind if I link to it from over there?)

Glad you liked! Yes, please do go ahead and link—especially now that I've edited and updated it with a few more thoughts.

This was an excellent review. I always love reading your reviews. :)

I saw it a couple days ago and I was really impressed. I was expecting a lot of fail and I was sort of expecting a magical 1920s New Orleans where racism totally didn't exist, but then they made it clear that racism actually did. And I really liked that the white characters don't solve the problem, you know? Even though Lotti wants to help, she can't fix it.

And I *loved* Tiana. I thought she was fantastic! She's hard-working, she has a vision, she has friends and family. She's pretty and friendly and nice, but that doesn't stop her from getting stuff done. I liked the music while I was watching it, but I can't remember the songs now, so I guess you're right and they're not as good as they could be. :(

I wish the Voodoo stuff hadn't been so fail though, and I thought they were too scary for little kids anyway. And I didn't like the Cajun stereotypes either; there was no reason for it at all.

Also, I totally cried when the firefly died. :/

Yes--these were my main reasons for loving it, too. I did a follow-up post about the voodoo stuff (trying to recommend an antidote).

I'm glad someone else was as bothered by the Cajun stereotypes as I was; I have an obvious sensitivity to stereotypes about white ethnics and rural people.

I not only cried when the firefly died, I cried when the frogs got together! and just kept tearing away for the rest of the movie. Like I said, soft touch.

Oooh, recommendations! ::scurries over::

Yeah, I thought it was pretty blatant (but people in the theater didn't seem to mind, so. Maybe not so blatant?).

Aw, I stopped crying as soon as the firefly wound up a star. Then I was like "Back in a Disney movie, thank goodess!"

See, I am the kind of weeper who actually cried MORE when the firefly became a star. Sentimental doesn't even begin to cover it.

This was a fantastic read. I was soooo soo skeptical about this movie when I first saw the trailers, but I'm so relieved to see that a lot of my initial concerns and protests are, for the most part, unfounded.

Here via holyschist...

Thanks for the thoughtful analysis -- I might actually go see the thing (I'll admit I'd forgotten it was out...). I'm glad they did a pretty good job.

Also, the phrase 'Magical Honky' made me cackle for about five minutes straight.

We aim to please! And glad you liked it.

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