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great post, i will pass it on to someone i know who is v knolwedgeable on the topic.

Great recommendations here! I'll be checking out Brown Girl in the Ring first 'cause I'm an SF geek that way, and the others shortly after.


Thank you so much! *bookmarks*

Thanks for these! I'm glad to see some I haven't read yet, and to learn that Barbara Hambly branched out from fantasy (I read a lot of hers when I was a teenager, but not since).

You're welcome! The only Hambly I read as a teen was Those Who Hunt the Night, but it made a very big impression. I keep meaning to chase down the sequel. She's actually got quite a bit of historical fiction, too.

I do highly recommend the Benjamin January mysteries; the first book has a few too many benign white characters, but she corrects this flaw as the series goes on. The books paint a fascinating picture of the free black community at the time without eliding its diversity or the complexity of its position. I love Benjamin, both his sisters, his mom, his love interest, and many of the other characters. There's a neat recurring transgender character too. I particularly liked A Free Man of Color, Sold Down the River, Die Upon a Kiss, and Wet Grave. (Sadly, the one where they go to Mexico isn't that good.)

Try Emma Bull's "Bone Dance". It's post-holocaust science fiction, in a Minneapolis gone Caribbean in culture as well as climate, and hoodoo (the term used there rather than Voudon, since the viewpoint character, Sparrow, uses the street terms in use there)is the local religion for good and for ill. Mostly, in this case, for good.

I've never read any Emma Bull, but I will check it out!

Oooh, these look fantastic. Thanks!

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