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I've actually read some of these! Suddenly I feel reassured that this challenge won't be so difficult to fulfill (I still haven't read anything for 50books_poc this year and I was starting to feel a little dismayed at myself.

Good! Encouragement is a good thing!

Oh wow, this is excellent, I was hoping for a few recs but this is both wonderful and more than I could have hoped for! I knew about about Jackie Kay (Scottish lesbian writers for the win!) but all the rest are new to me.

So glad you like it! And very glad that it includes a lot of people you didn't previously know. I hope it will be a resource for lots of people.

If you're looking for Scottish lesbian writers, do you read Ali Smith?

Thank you for putting this together, it looks like a great resource.

The only addition that leaps to mind is Nalo Hopkinson (Brown Girl in the Ring and others), but I'll keep thinking about it.

So glad for the appreciation (it took quite a bit of time).

I did not know about Nalo Hopkinson! If I had, I would totally have put The Salt Roads on here. Thank you so much! I'm hoping to get a bunch more names and do one big update.

Thank you so much for putting this together!

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Yes, please do!

And aww, you make me blush.

This is great. Thank you.

Hello, list of amazingface! &hearts OMG, STACEYANN CHIN. I have been meaning to read that memoir; am going to bump it up the list now! :D

Glad you like!

And I've read the Staceyann Chin memoir, and I definitely recommend--I liked it enough to give it as an Xmas gift. I had expected it to be really depressing, but every time it seems it's headed that way the narrative turns an unexpected corner. It's really quite good, and it's a surprisingly fast read, too.

This is AWESOME; will link. I do think you're underselling Malinda Lo's Ash, though -- it's a lesbian retelling of Cinderella. :)

Thank you! And oh, you're totally right; I will amend when I do my update. I have that one sitting on my to-read shelf as we speak!

I'm here from 50books_poc, and just wanted to say thanks for the list! I've read some of them, but all. Will be referring back to this!

Warning for much less talent than her mother.

I laughed. I'm a bad person.

You are very welcome! I am excited to see it used as a community resource.

Not nearly as bad as I am for writing it! But, um, sometimes honesty wins over tact.

I had no idea Octavia Butler was queer.

She was very quiet about it, and who can blame her? She came to prominence in the 80s, a decade that was very cruel to both men and women who were out. But if you think about it there are quite a lot of queer themes in her fiction, and her last book, Fledgling, addressed them much more openly.

When she died (far too young! so sad!) it was noticeable that obituaries in the GLBT press identified her as a lesbian but mainstream ones did not.

Yay, thank you for putting this list together.

Chrystos (Menominee). I've only read Not Vanishing and In Her I Am; the latter is a collection of butch/femme erotic poetry.

Paula Gunn Allen (Laguna Pueblo, Lebanese, Scottish). The Sacred Hoop.

Thank you! Will update soon!

This is awesome. Thank you for putting it together. :)

Thanks for doing this! Just a quick note; my name is spelled Mary Anne (with an 'e') Mohanraj. And you might want to note that _Bodies in Motion_ contains both gay and lesbian characters (in addition to a couple bisexual ones and a bunch of straight folks). No trans, I'm afraid. Something to work on!

Also, for those folks looking for genre-specific stuff, they could check out my poly space opera story, "Jump Space", available for free online. In the future, everyone's bisexual! (Okay, no, not really, but everyone in this story is.)

Thank you for the shout-out on your blog! Please accept my apologies for the misspelling, which I've corrected. And thank you for the link and additional details about your books; I'm hoping this can grow and grow!

Oh, also, _Bodies in Motion_ is a mainstream, immigrant lit, novel-in-stories. You might also list my two previous collections: _Torn Shapes of Desire_, _Silence and the Word_. Both mostly erotica, but Silence has a fair bit of SF/F in. And there's my two choose-your-own-adventure erotic novels, _Kathryn in the City_ and _The Classics Professor_.

The Classics Professor is yours? *goes and gets my copy*, the book designer didn't make your name exactly easy to find. :-(

Well, that one is a little complicated. Penguin originally asked me and Michael Hemmingson to write the two books; partway through the process, they decided they didn't like what Michael was doing. (Personally, I think Michael is a great writer, but it wasn't my call.) So anyway, they paid him a kill fee and cancelled his contract, and then asked me if I'd be willing to use his title / storyline and write the actual book. Which I agreed to do. So to be fair, I'd say the final product is really a collaboration in some sense; it's not a storyline I would have come up with on my own.

That whole process also meant that instead of the four months I had to write _Kathryn_, I had just one month to write _Classics_, which was, umm...a little tense. One might even say rushed. I'm not as happy with the end result as I am with _Kathryn_. But still, I think they're both fun, light reads. I do love the little Cloisters section in _Classics_, but that may be just because I have a weakness of monks' herb gardens and unicorn tapestries.

Thanks for this list! Bookmarked and searching my library's website now.

I really like Staceyann Chin but didn't know she'd written an memoir, so that's especially exciting.

Found this through a rando link on twitter. Very nice! Here are two Chicana writers that I've read if you'd like to add them to your list :)

Cherrie Moraga, "Loving in the War Years", "The Hungry Woman", and any other book she's written.

Gloria Anzaldua - Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza

Some off the cuff suggestions. I don't have access to most of my collection right now, and I haven't checked the Tables of Contents of my anthologies, many of which contain queer PoC.

People should check out RedBone Press, run by Lisa C. Moore (who edited DOES YOUR MAMA KNOW, an anthology of black lesbian coming out stories) which is a press devoted to publishing queer PoC and publishes writers like Samiya Bashir, Sharon Bridgforth, Marvin K. White, etc. as well as lots of important anthologies.

(And not to forget our history, worth looking at titles from the first–but sadly no longer extant–feminist women of color press, Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press, founded by Audre Lourde, Barbara Smith, and Cherrie Morraga.)

Larry Duplechan, black gay author of BLACKBIRD, GOT 'TIL ITS GONE, etc.

G. Winston James' collected stories, SHAMING THE DEVIL, is out now from Top Pen Press.

Don Belton, a black gay author who, unfortunately, was murdered a few weeks ago. :-(

Randall Keenan, black gay author, A VISITATION OF SPIRITS, LET THE DEAD BURY THEIR DEAD, etc.

Andy Quan is a gay Chinese-Canadian author now living in Australia. His books include SIX POSITIONS and CALENDAR BOY.

Justin Chin, Malaysian gay author of MONGREL, GUTTED, HARMLESS MEDICINE, etc.

Noël Alumit, gay Filipino author of LETTERS TO MONTGOMERY CLIFFT and TALKING TO THE MOON.

R. Zamora Linmark, gay author born in Manila, author of ROLLING THE R's, etc.

Michael Nava, gay chicano mystery author.

Jaime Manrique, gay Colombian author of LATIN MOON IN MANHATTAN, TWILIGHT AT THE EQUATOR, etc.

Lots of poets, too, although I think the original list didn't incluyde them...

Great list. However, two nits:

Octavia Butler doesn't belong on this list. She wasn't queer. I base this statement on my friendship with her.

I do belong on this list. I am. Love, Nisi

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Reading comprehension fail!

Dur, sorry, I totally did not read your post closely at all. Deleting previous comment.

Anyway, thank you for posting this! I have added a bunch of books to my to-read list.

Barbara Burford, The Threshing Floor.


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