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More than 50 books by Queer People of Color
Gwen 1
This is for glinda, who is excited about queerlit50 but has expressed frustration because it's too much to handle alongside the very wonderful 50books_poc  (which was the 2nd comm's inspiration). She asked for recommendations for books by queer people of color.

I thought, I'm sure I can come up with 50 books by LGBT people of color. So I did.

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If you feel inclined to signal-boost, it would be much appreciated. I'm very excited about  queerlit50   and I'd like to see authors of color well-represented on it.

Definitely signal boosting this list. This will definitely be shaping my reading list in the near future.
I second Randall Kenan (one e) - his novel A Visitation of Spirits is a compelling if somewhat triggering portrayal of a young black gay man living in the rural south, and his short story collection Let the Dead Bury Their Dead is an extraordinary series of histories of a fictional town - both engage in a kind of magical realism connected to Black folk legend.
He also writes some neat stuff about/inspired by James Baldwin.

Rebecca Walker, Black White and Jewish and Baby Love. Author identifies as bisexual. Warning for much less talent than her mother.


Check into this author.

Raymond Luczak--who is Deaf, wrote a book called the Eyes of Desire. He wrote a second one but the name eludes me right now. I believe he's also Jewish. ??

oh this is utterly delightful

Oh, thank you so much for compiling this!

Also, while both authors are already on your list, can I add Huntress for Malinda Lo (based on the I'ching, I believe) and Just Above My Head by James Baldwin (I personally think it's his best for characterization).

latin american queer literature

Wow, there is SO much here that I haven't read. Happy to see Arena and Baldwin at the top of the list, though. Yes, I know it's alphabetical, but still.

I would add, in Latin America:

Chile: Pedro Lemebel, Radio Chronicles.

Cuba: anything by Severo Sarduy, like Trés tristes tigres (Three Sad Tigers).

Argentina: Poetry by Nestor Perlongher.

Argentina: Poetry by Alejandra Pizarnik.

Mexico: La estatua de sal (The salt statue), by Salvador Novo.

And in Spain: Federico Garcia Lorca, his plays and poems (don't deal directly with LGBTQ themes, but he identified as gay; not sure that he counts as POC, however).

Ooh, this is awesome!

I'd like to add Quarantine by Rahul Mehta, who's gay and Indian. The book is a collection of short stories featuring gay and bi Indian-American men.

Does an author have to write about queer people to count, or is it enough that they're queer themselves? Vikram Seth is a gay Indian author who's written the excellent (and very, very long) A Suitable Boy.

I'm not sure if it counts, but there's an brilliant book called Same-Sex Love in India: A Literary History, edited by Ruth Vanita and Saleem Kidwai that could serve as a jumping-off point for readers looking for more texts.

I took a Queer Latinidad class my sophomore year of college. "Required" readings are listed below! My personal favorite was The Last Generation by Cherrie Morraga.

What the Body Told - by Rafael Campo

The Rain God - by Arturo Islas

The Last Generation - Cherrie Morraga

The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue - by Manuel Muñoz

Memory Mambo - by Achy Obejas

Numbers - by John Rechy

Queer Latinidad: Identity Practices, Discursive Spaces - by Juana Maria Rodriguez

I, Carmelita Tropicana: Performing Between Cultures - by Alina Troyano

What Night Brings - by Carla Trujillo

Great list! I'd like to suggest adding Shamim Sarif's novels The World Unseen, I Can't Think Straight, and Despite the Falling Snow. Shamim Sarif is a lesbian identified Londoner of Indian origin.

Seconding Jacqueline Woodson (I really loved From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun as a kid, but haven't re-read lately)

Joseph Beam (good friends with Essex Hemphill)- In The Life (editor)
The Lady Chablis-Hiding My Candy
Shay Youngblood-Black Girl In Paris

And if you're also interested in non-fiction: Gloria Wekker-Politics of Passion (I'm not sure what labels Gloria has claimed for herself, but she does speak of being in relationships with women in this book)

Ah, and Max Wolf Valerio, a Native/Sephardic/Northern European (info via wikipedia) trans guy. He wrote The Testosterone Files, a memoir.

Dionne Brand - In Another Place, Not Here; At the Full and Change of the Moon; What We All Long For


Shani Mootoo - Out on Main Street; Cereus Blooms at Night; The Predicament of or; He Drown She in the Sea; Valmiki's Daughter


Samar Habib - Rughum & Najda

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Oh wow.
I found this list via tumblr-- thank you so much for this, and everyone who has added in the comments.

Great list! Someone's misled you about one detail; Octavia was a friend/colleague of mine, and she was straight. That disinformation continues to be propagated on the Web and in "research" papers that aren't. To be fair, she was quite private about her personal life, so it'd be difficult to find out either way.

This is an awesome list, always looking for book recs. Maybe for E. Lynn Harris include his memoir: What Becomes of the Brokenhearted. It's very beautiful and goes into him coming to terms with his sexuality and battle with depression.

Also have you read anything by James Earl Hardy? He has a series of romance novels where the main chars are gay/bi.