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More than 50 books by Queer People of Color
Gwen 1
This is for glinda, who is excited about queerlit50 but has expressed frustration because it's too much to handle alongside the very wonderful 50books_poc  (which was the 2nd comm's inspiration). She asked for recommendations for books by queer people of color.

I thought, I'm sure I can come up with 50 books by LGBT people of color. So I did.

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If you feel inclined to signal-boost, it would be much appreciated. I'm very excited about  queerlit50   and I'd like to see authors of color well-represented on it.

Alexander Chee wrote Edinburgh and the forthcoming The Queen of the Night. His website is http://alexanderchee.net/.

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I believe the following should be added: Suniti Namjoshi, Abdellah Taïa, Erika Lopez, Tamai Kobayashi, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, Laurinda D. Brown, Rabih Alameddine, LaShonda K. Barnett

Nice... but Octavia Butler??

Brilliant list. This is a much needed, much appreciated effort. I think Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzaldua, and Angela Davis are the only glaring absences for me.

I'm also curious why Octavia Butler always gets thrown into these things, who never (to my understanding) claimed to be lesbian or bisexual and apparently a few times said that she absolutely was not. I feel like she was asexual, if not heterosexual, but plays around with sexuality the same way she does with age, color, or species. I think we should be really careful not to force identities on people who refuse to self identify- and should avoid the mistakes of others who do so, as opposed to lauding the fact that they did so as evidence.

awesome list! i'd like to suggest larissa lai - when fox is a thousand (and salt fish girl). I am not 100% sure how she identifies, but her protagonists definitely play with gender & sexuality. amazing reads.

Nisi Shawl here. Again. For the record, I identify as bisexual, hence queer.

Octavia Butler, however, did not. She was my friend. We talked about this sort of stuff. Seeing as you are paying attention to how people identify themselves, you should not include her as a queer writer.

Edited at 2012-11-30 05:02 am (UTC)

Aaaaaand, this is amazing. Noted forever.

Suggestion: Conjurng Black Funk: Notes on Culture, Sexuality and Spirituality, Vol 1

a fiery collection of essays, poetry, creative non-fiction, and experimental writing that challenges conventional thought, offers alternative perspectives, and suggests ways of practicing Afrocentric, queer liberation/transgression. This book is an important contribution to Black Queer Theory, Black Feminist Thought, and Afrocentric Thought.

There are two Black queer authors you can add: Jacqueline Woodson and Bil Wright. They write books for YA and Middle grade readers.

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I've been doing the 50 book project, finished book 28 a few days ago. This list is amazing and makes me so happy to read. Kudos to you, zahrawithaz. My to-read list just swelled in size!

A few additions:

_Bad Feminist_ by Roxane Gay (essay collection by a bisexual woman of color)
_Redefining Realness_ by Janet Mock (the autobiography of a trans woman of color who is fairly famous at this point - content warning for child abuse)