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More than 50 books by Queer People of Color
Gwen 1
This is for glinda, who is excited about queerlit50 but has expressed frustration because it's too much to handle alongside the very wonderful 50books_poc  (which was the 2nd comm's inspiration). She asked for recommendations for books by queer people of color.

I thought, I'm sure I can come up with 50 books by LGBT people of color. So I did.

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If you feel inclined to signal-boost, it would be much appreciated. I'm very excited about  queerlit50   and I'd like to see authors of color well-represented on it.

I've been doing the 50 book project, finished book 28 a few days ago. This list is amazing and makes me so happy to read. Kudos to you, zahrawithaz. My to-read list just swelled in size!

A few additions:

_Bad Feminist_ by Roxane Gay (essay collection by a bisexual woman of color)
_Redefining Realness_ by Janet Mock (the autobiography of a trans woman of color who is fairly famous at this point - content warning for child abuse)


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