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Important question...

 ...for those of you who have seen more reboot Doctor Who than I have: How is the actress who plays Martha Jones' sister (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)?

She and Boris Kodjoe (which together amounts to serious eye candy) are starring in a new show this fall--a comic action/adventure spy drama that i am much intrigued by. Trailer is here.

I have totally fallen for Covert Affairs and rediscovered how much I like spy dramas with little basis in reality, and could really use something comic right now. Also, I love shows with long-term established relationships (the lead characters are married) rather than will they/won't they budding relationship drama.

And the leads run a catering company when they aren't running around the world being spies, so there is food porn.

On a more serious note, I can't remember the last time US broadcast television put out a show with two black leads, never mind an action/adventure genre show, and the Love of My Life and I would probably watch it for that alone unless it's terrible. It's produced by some guy named J.J. Abrams, whose work I have thus far mostly missed. I'd be interested in what any of you have heard or think about it.
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