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Thoughts on the Merlin 2.04 preview
Gwen 1
Wow, I'm going to have to start a tag for preview reviews. Obsess much? But the next episode looks promising!

1. I am dying to know why Gwen is wearing Morgana's dress. (Judging from the season preview, it was Merlin's idea.) Alas, the writers probably can't come up with anything as good as what fandom is already imagining...

2. Hooray for Gwen grabbing the attacker's sword and tossing it, and for Morgana catching it in mid-air! But boo for losing your girlfriend, Morgana. Really, you should do better than this....not that you ever have, actually....but still, it's your woman in danger! And double boo for not joining the guys to rescue her.

3. Please let Gwen do something other than cower and coo and show off her cleavage. Given that's it's Angel Coulby, I'm sure she'll bring more to the part...but it would be nice to have the part written as something other than a chew toy for various men to fight over.

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(Deleted comment)
Yes, I know you're right...but maybe I can delude myself for a few more days?

At the very least I hope the writers give us a good reason why Morgana doesn't join them, like Uther forbidding it. I'm afraid the default will be that she's just to fragile and shaken up by the ordeal, poor dear, to do anything.

So glad to have someone else to grumble with!

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