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O joy, o rapture unforeseen / The clouded skies are now serene
Gwen 1
Thank you, America!

I am so pleased in the results of yesterday's US elections--in the Presidency, a Senate that is not only more liberal but slightly more representative of the wide range of people who actually live in this nation, in the embrace of marriage rights--and amazed at how it brought people together.

For all the flaws and divisiveness in representative democracy and our particular example of it, it does more than elect leaders. Voting can and does bring forth a sense of community in this huge, varied, aggressively individualistic and often uncohesive country.

The delighted discovery of the most isolated woman I know that she could walk to the polls and enjoy being among other people, the jokes and respect of people waiting over an hour in the freezing cold to vote where the Love of My Life lives, the wonderful way that election night brought my own family members together--all of these things are worth remembering, precisely because I so rarely do.

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This, all of it. (I also love that your title is from HMS Pinafore. :D )

Thank you!

And I love that you recognized it! I tend to sing Gilbert and Sullivan when I am overjoyed--not very patriotic, but fun!

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